The former female coach of the French team forced her students to exchange love for the main kick

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A new scandal has just surrounded French football. Elisabeth Loisel, who once held the position of head coach of the French women’s team from 1996 to 2007 has been accused of forcing female players to sex , if they want a starting spot.

Secrets exposed

The name Elisabeth Loisel is no stranger to the French football village, having long led the French women’s team. Currently, the 59-year-old former female player works at FIFA as a consultant. However, Elisabeth’s identity is now associated with a scandal involving internal affairs within the French football federation (FFF). Specifically, journalist Romain Molina, who is collaborating with many major newspapers and media outlets such as The Guardian, CNN, BBC, The New York Times, has just published a series of shocking information in a long report titled “40” year of silence”, in which many controversial and scandalous facts in the FFF were revealed.

One of these facts indicates that a former coach of the French women’s team was accused of forcing his players to have sex with her, in exchange for being called up to the national team. According to Molina’s investigation, Elisabeth’s actions took place systematically during her time in charge of the French women’s team. “I have told my female players that they can go to Clairefontaine, but if they want to come there is a risk,” said the former president of a football club, who did not want to be named. Also according to Molina’s investigation, Gerard Precheur, technical director during Elisabeth’s time at FFF, resigned after discovering that the female coach selected players based on sexual orientation. “Those are really terrible things that I know of. I have always been haunted by what some female players have to go through before Elisabeth’s bizarre sexual preferences, “Molina quoted a member of the staff when Elisabeth was still in charge.

Scandal piled on scandal:

Elisabeth Loisel’s infamous controversy added to the already mounting issue at FFF. Molina claims that there have been numerous instances of sexual assault, extortion, and deception. Prior to then, the case of Angelique Roujas, the former manager of the Clairefontaine youth women’s teams, commanded everyone’s attention. In 2004, Angelique was accused of having sex with young athletes while she was in office.

“I was a victim at Clairefontaine, I know what happened and I know how hard it is to rebuild myself. Even today, I don’t want to talk about it publicly because it’s painful and I’m not sure I’ll be supported. I spoke to several senior people in the federation, including Brigitte Henriques, the FFF vice president at the time, but what happened? No. They didn’t do anything,” said one of Angelique’s victims. Angelique was eventually fired in 2013 because several players of the French women’s team threatened to go on strike.
Some other cases mentioned by Molina, such as the case of David San Jose being fired for sending emotional messages to a 13-year-old player from Clairefontaine center in 2013. .
“When something happens, we keep quiet, it’s the best way for us to protect ourselves from trouble, even job loss,” said a former FFF executive. admit.

The president of the FFF was also “involved.”

According to an investigation by Romain Molina, FFF president Noel Le Graet also engaged in inappropriate behavior with many female employees. As a result, some female employees have withdrawn from the FFF in the past few years because they feel “sexually and morally harassed”.

FFF “defend that”

Before the information that Romain Molina gave, FFF immediately countered. According to the FFF representative, these are all speculations based on Molina’s subjective opinion and have no basis.

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