Pique ‘eat secretly ‘ with DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend

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Gerard Pique has just been entangled in a backstage scandal. The Barcelona midfielder was exposed as being unfaithful to Shakira when he had an affair with Bar Refaeli, a famous model and ex-girlfriend of actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Possessing a height of 1.75 meters and a standard three-round measurement of 89-60-89, Bar Refaeli is the first Israeli model to appear in Sport Illustrated magazine. In 2011, she was voted by the prestigious Maxim magazine as one of the 100 hottest faces in the world. Referring to Refaeli, it is impossible to ignore the long-legged relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Only Bar Refaeli is now entangled in a new scandal related to the breakup of Pique and singer Shakira. More specifically, Pique was accused of sneaking back and forth with Refaeli while still having an affair with Shakira in 2012.

Bar Refaeli

Through his Instagram account, paparazzi Jordi Martin announced a shocking news: “A few days ago I sent this information to someone very close to Shakira. After a while, they finally got it: Pique had an affair with Bar Refaeli in 2012.” Still according to the information that Martin gave, this was also confirmed by a close friend of Bar Refaeli when this model often visited Barcelona many times in 2012. At that time, Pique’s affair with Refaeli caused a stir. caused an emotional crisis of the midfielder and Shakira. Even more surprising when the famous Colombian singer himself discovered the message between the two. That’s why Shakira left Barcelona when he learned he was betrayed. The image then appeared on the covers of several magazines in Spain. However, many people mistakenly thought that Shakira left like that to serve a long concert abroad. However, Pique later did not understand why she still made up with Shakira.

Loophole is adultery

Pique’s affair with DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend exposed Pique’s habit of adultery. Recently and also the most noisy is Pique’s date with 23-year-old girl, Clara Chia Marti. Need to know, Pique and Shakira officially broke up on June 4. However, there are evidences and photos that prove this defender and his girlfriend have been dating since February this year. “Ever since they met, Pique has been captivated by Clara. They exchange phone numbers, at first they meet secretly. After that, Pique publicly announced her love for Clara, but also rouse her boyfriend at the Kosmos company he owns, “said paparazzi Jordi Martin.

Clara Chia Marti

Another incident took place in 2016, when Pique cheated on Shakira to secretly get back with her ex-girlfriend Nuria Tomas. “That meeting took place in Nuria’s apartment. Pique was with the Spain national team, he went to Nuria’s apartment by taxi, they met in two hours,” Martin recounted on a TV program in Spain. More shocking when Pique once had a brief love affair with a woman with the initials JP in 2022. The theft of the two happened in the toilet at a famous nightclub in Barcelona.
Jordi Martin also mentioned about the Barcelona defender’s method of conducting secret meetings, to avoid prying eyes: “Pique often goes to the rendezvous place alone and leaves alone to avoid prying eyes. . It’s a tactic that Pique has been using for years.”

Shakira used to hire a detective to track Pique

According to Jordi Martin, Shakira once hired detectives to track down Pique to determine if Pique was unfaithful. This also leads to disagreements in the emotional relationship between the two.

Pique threatens to sue Jordi Martin

Before the information that Jordi Martin gave, Pique contacted a law firm. It is worth mentioning that Pique intends to sue Martin for slander and defamation of other people’s honor.

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