Rumors promising… plagued Diletta Leotta. naked

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Beautiful Italian female reporter, Diletta Leotta (31 years old) is suffering from rumors that she will “wash the eyes” of the fans with the act of … stripping, if Barca beat Bayern with a difference of 3 goals or more in Champions League this season.

Diletta Leotta
Diletta Leotta

Did Diletta Leotta really promise to “undress” for fans to see as the information is spreading on social networks? According to many people, this beautiful blonde sports MC did not promise to do it. Diletta is indeed very beautiful, talented, and has always been a magnet for many viewers to watch her programs, but she never dared to make a statement: “If Barca beats Bayern 3-0, then you will be naked.”
It’s all fake news because Diletta Leotta never promised it. She has not even commented on the confrontation between Bayern and Barca that ended this morning at the Allianz Arena. Diletta Leotta is known for being elegant and lightly mannered. Before falling in love with the MC profession, Diletta won the “Miss Elegant” award, held in the country of pasta 10 years ago. The blonde beauty was attacked by hackers, revealing nude images in 2016.
At that time, former Italy player and striker Mario Balotelli spoke out to defend Diletta after the incident of revealing sensitive photos. He believes that everyone has the freedom to do whatever they like; at the same time, those thieves deserve to be condemned. But few people suspect that revealing the invisible nude image has made Diletta’s name more famous.
Diletta Leotta’s personal Instagram page attracts more than 5 million followers. Diletta has a pretty face and a charming figure in the eyes of men. The beauty, born in 1991, is working for DAZN and Radio 105. Before that, she took on the role of a presenter at Sky Sports Italy.
With such a famous career, surely the beautiful MC Diletta Leotta is not foolish to “hang rewards” by claiming to be “naked” just for a Barca victory.

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