By inviting girls to have pleasure, the club president was accused of corruption by his own nephew.

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Just two months before the World Cup in Qatar, Luis Rubiales, the current president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, was implicated in a controversy that might seriously harm the national team.

Luis Rubiales

Juan Rubiales, his nephew, informed his uncle of the accusations. Juan, who served as the Federation’s former chief of staff, was recently let go. He apparently became quite upset as a result, which led to the indictment of his family members.

He revealed in El Mundo that his uncle had planned celebrations in the early 2020s utilizing only Federation funds. Luis Rubiales doesn’t have to pay for these expenses out of his own pocket.
He used the pretext that he was traveling on work for a few days to organize his party. “Luis Rubiales invited a group of eight to ten young girls to enjoy themselves. He was dishonest, Juan Rubiales “declared.”

He also accused Luis of withdrawing money from the Federation to provide for his father and transferring money regularly for personal purposes.
Recently, the Spanish Football Federation has released a statement that these allegations are completely untrue. Things are still tense ahead of the FIFA days, when the Spanish team will continue to play in the Nations League.

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