Bacstage: Former Liverpool striker had a terrible car accident

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Former Liverpool striker Andy Carroll has just been in a terrible car accident. Accordingly, his Mercedes GLS was crushed to the top, but fortunately, the English player had no problems.


Former England striker Andy Carroll’s Mercedes was crushed by a Ford Fiesta. Eyewitnesses who saw the incident said Carroll was ‘shocked’ and ‘walked in a daze’ after the collision.
Accordingly, Andy Carroll’s £130,000 Mercedes GLS collided with a Ford Fiesta while both were on the road. The strong impact caused the British player’s car to be crushed, and the wheel even flew a long distance.

A man in his 50s sitting in a Ford Fiesta was hospitalized with injuries, while the player born in 1989 had no serious problems. John Cooper – local resident and eyewitness to the accident said: “There was a terrible explosion, a Mercedes GLS car had its front end crushed and the wheel fell off. Then a man got out of the car, he was Andy Carroll. He was shocked and asked me: “How do you see my car?”. I said, “It’s best to throw it away.”
Police were present and investigating the incident. Currently, the 33-year-old player is still unemployed after being liquidated by West Brom. Carroll once almost moved to Club Brugge but this deal fell through because the English striker did not pass the tests of the Belgian team.
At this time, Carroll is happy with his newlywed wife, Billi Mucklow. The couple got married at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire after a long time together.


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